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Location #  2103 - Gramercy Park, NYC


1    Print only, (film (case by case) no shoots permitted to enter prior to 9am (unless approved in advance)

2    Expensive

3    Use of art must be cleared with homeowner and additional fees may apply....

4    Restrictions do apply: fees vary according to areas of use: No shoes, art may not be moved (only owners staff may move art), floors to be protected, art may not be touched, some of the furniture are pieces of art, office / library & Bedrooms have additional restrictions of use ( and very rarely available for shoots, prefers no one in library or Master suite)...etc




October 2016 : some minor changes have been made, and now there are curtains in den and living room / art changes monthly // many plants now in one room

etc (scouting is mandatory)


New Images as of Feb 2015







Main Floor (Parlor or 1st floor)

the windows now have curtains

also grand piano

all art gets moved regularly (changing all the time)

to move art, must be done by professional movers approx 2k fee

new photos soon














Den owner calles it Library (table gone and new art on walls)

parlor floor













Ground Floor (Garden level)

kitchen wall corlors now celedon GREEN














Den (best place for hair and makup cardboard over pool table good, now filled with plants (still garden level)










Second Floor usually off limits unless special arangements made

(sons room can be used more often)

Master Suite below off limits usually
























sons room and bathroom can be used











Office & Library always off limits / active office / people working there + their bathrooms

3rd and 4th floors

(unless special arangments can be made)










































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