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 2465 -  W 20th Street (Chelsea), NYC


1                     Film friendly  (No Weekend shoots permitted (sometimes small print shoots will be allowed but not large shoots))

2                     Expensive, and building fees apply for all shoots

3                     Restrictions do apply: ie: building fees may be required, no shoes in home, floors to be protected, bedrooms and office off limits unless approved in advance, art may not be shot in its entirety without copyrights, etc

4                     Amazing, 6th Floor Penthouse, 3000 sq ft duplex with 1000 sq ft terrace and real lawn overlooking the Hudson, floor to ceiling windows, light wood floors, glass staircase, slate floor, large kitchen and bathroom and much more

5                    No one may hang out in lobby, elevator or any public areas of this building, very important

6                    Building fees and building clearance needed for all shoots





New Images as of November 2016

















Old mages as of April 2013 - use as referance




























Guest bedroom, glass mirror may not be moved for any reason












Master bedroom and bathroom are always off limits
unless special clearance has been given and additional fees paid





Buster the Dog


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floor to ceiling windows



hard wood floors





kitchen island





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Image as of Jan 2013


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