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Location # 1048Hudson Street, NYC



1    Prefers print, but film for small crews case by case basis

2   Restrictions apply IE: fee for super, Additional fees for shooting in hallways, roof etc,, MUST put down paper on floor area and wrap columns with protective materials, can not lean on glass, Must be careful of silver area near fireplace (watch out for ,tripping hazard, Do not walk on it with hard shoes, Do not place hard objects on it),

3    Eat only in main area, not carpeted area, Fireplace is not operational; do not use, In the main bedroom, please do not touch or lean things against the acoustic tile wall, Avoid leaning on the white walls and other white surfaces like the columns, be careful not to scratch white painted surfaces like walls and columns, Clean bottoms of shoes before walking on carpet it is prone to pick up stains, stereo Very Delicate / Do Not Use...

4    ONLY 8AM START earliest, 2000 sq ft

5    Some of the furniture has changed ( the two white chairs in the office are no longer there ), will have new images soon, fireplace may not be used..non working fireplace



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