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Location # 1094 - W 36th Street, NYC

                   4                   Additional fees apply of 1000.00 - 2,000.00 per 8 hrs for use of roof

                   5                   Elevator : goes right to the roof if needed, Freight elevator is 8am - 6pm, other hrs fee 50.00 per hr cash paid on day (weekend fees are different and special hours)

                   6                   Some of the pieces of furniture change periodically, always best to scout

                   7                   Studio has some amenities, 2 bathrooms 1.5 downstairs

                   8                   The blue and red velvet chairs have moved to the Brooklyn location and can be brought back on request and for a fee

                   9                    Other locations owned by the same owner: NYC locations: 1094, 1142, 1337  Brooklyn locations: 1043, 1044, 1139, 1003, 1443

                  10                   200 amp 3 phase electricity with cam-lock tie-in // fees apply



New Images as of Feb 2016








deck photos of roof as of April 2010



















some of these pieces of furniture have been removed and replaced with new couches ( very similar )





new bed as of Aug 2010
















this kitchen island is not in loft, can be brought in from Brooklyn at a cost of around 250.00, and need to advise in advance




this is the kitchen island in the loft and can be raised with boxes





















New deck photos of roof as of April 2010


Old roof shots, not valid but just here to see additional views from roof.



















these shots were taken from the adjacent roof, sits above the Penthouse 1094...additional fees and must be arranged with owner of 1094


For events

lofts, though used primarily as photography studios they are rented regularly for product launches, party's, weddings and corporate events

both 12th and 11th floors are connected by a lovely staircase & the elevators
































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tall windows

great view of Empire State Building


white wood floors