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Location # 1135 - Franklin Street, NY, Tribeca, NYC



1                    Prefers print but film is possible

2                     Restrictions do apply; all floors must be protected, booties must be worn over shoes, areas of use determined in advance, etc

3                    Elevator is very old and temperamental, owner will direct you as to how many people and items can fit at one time, no freight, one small passenger elevator only, no holding elevator, no overloading elevator.

4                     Some of the items in home that may be used for props may cost a fee, determine on scout

5                    Building requires someone at front door all day if there more than a few people at shoot, and front door must remain shut at all times.

6                    Eating at Dining room table only, no food or drink permitted anywhere else in house

7                    No smoking in loft or in front of building

8                    Building Notes

Building clearance and fees apply and required for all shoots

PA must be appointed to stand at building door entry at all times to ensure no one but crew enters

No food, drinks smoking in any areas of building

No shooting in any common areas // fire escape not available for shooting

New Images as of March 16, 2015
Common areas are not permitted for shooting, just shown to see how building works.










































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white wood floors

wood beamed ceiling





kitchen island


four paned windows

claw foot tub

walk in closet

French door

fire escape