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Location # 1226 - West Village, NYC


1      Film may be possible

2     Civil War era townhouse located on a charming little street in the West Village. Townhouse has separate artist studio, shown first, followed by photos of the living quarters.

3     Original hard wood floors throughout the house. Ground level is garage and art studio. 1st floor is Living Room and Kitchen and Dining area, with a roof that has two large skylights, directly over the art studio. 2nd floor has master bedroom and guest room and kids room and bathroom.

4    There is a narrow interior staircase leading to another roof area. Very authentic old world New York feel with lots of bookcases and charm.

5    Please specify when optioning if art studio is needed, or just the townhouse, or both.



New Images March 2013






















































Old Images, changes have been made, see above



Images as of May 2009 Residential parts are the same, here are some new images of the lower level entrance and the studio











Original Images








artist studio ends house begins













































































artist studio