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Location # 1325 - Broadway (Soho), NYC, FILM FRIENDLY, restrictions do apply, Capacity is when renovation is complete.  This space is ideal for photo shoots, television commercials and fashion shows!

 (also a space on 4th floor, please go to link 1324  (separate fees) )

NOTES:  1. 5th floor loft Raw open space, very raw, leaks in the rain, huge space (gets cold, although heat does work) best to bring additional heat, no AC

Scouting is mandatory to see all the areas that are raw

              2. 10,000 sq feet (50 x 200)

              3. Dark hard wood floors & Floor to ceiling windows

              4. 16 foot ceilings with exposed brick walls

              5. Exposed beamed ceilings

              6. 24 hour access, restrooms are on a different floor

              7. No sound issues & has Wi-Fi

              8. Manager on site for all events

              9  owner has access to cameras and lighting company that will deliver and pick up any equipment rented ( ALL MUST BE RENTED THROUGH THE LOFT, NO EXCEPTIONS )

          10    Electricity - tie in is mandatory and all must be arranged with owner, all equipment also to be rented from location

          11.  5th floor has a skylight that is 11 ft by 20 ft

  12.  All photo equipment and expendables (i.e. chairs, steamers, irons, etc) need to be rented through the studio





Images as of September 2013
















Broadway side of loft







mercer side of loft










older misc images







The skylight is 23x15 feet.  







Limited Roof Access.  All participants would have to climb up and down a ladder to get to the roof, and all must fit thru a hatch












Stairwell of building

*Must clear use in advance and building fee may apply




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floor to ceiling windows

exposed brick

exposed beams