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Location # 1460 - Chelsea, NYC


1                     Film Possible (film can be discussed, case by case)

2                     amazing 3,500 SF Chelsea Penthouse and 2,500 SF Roof Deck, views of the empire state building, garden on deck, stone floors on deck, 2 stories, metal staircase, geat light, open floor plan, fireplace, skylights, huge kitchen, terrific walk in closet, large light bathroom, movie theater, home office and more

3                     Restrictions do apply: areas of use determined in advance, floors protected, artwork must be cleared or not shown in images,

4                     Building fees and clearance required

5                    No food or drinks permitted inside the home, interior restroom use for max 15 people

6                    All production in Motorhome for shoots (sometimes exceptions made for small shoots)

7                    Only freight elevator to be used, noone permitted to use the passenger elevator

8                    Very Important:  No holds unless deposits paid, otherwise first come first serve

9                    Please note: No people or equipment may enter the unit until all floor surfaces where shoot is to take place is completely covered with ram board, wall to wall. Corrugated cardboard must be used to cover all walls up to 5 feet in all rooms in which shoot is happening. All columns must be wrapped as well, and all rooms not being used for shoot must be blocked off  with cardboard.















New Images February 2015
























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rooftop deck






home office

home theater

walkin closet

separate shower and tub

glassed in shower

builtin bookcases



modern staircase