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Location # 3-30085 - Amagasett, NY (LI)


1                     Approx 111 miles from NYC

2                     Film possible

3                     Restrictions do apply:  no shoes (booties ok), floors protected, areas of use must be determined in advance, bedrooms and office off limits unless cleared and approved in advance

4                     Beach (not private, permits may apply), to be confirmed, the dunes can't be trampled, more of a background thing, for the view, not for heavy impact if that area is of interest

5                     Large and dramatic Amagansett home with pool nestled in the dunes.  Classic interiors with a refined yet beachy feel. Great sun filled kitchen, den with window seats, hard wood floors, decks, pool, hot tub.  Pool house has an upstairs vaulted room, last 2 photos shown on website, which is possible to either shoot in or stage, depending on what is stored in there.  Two car garage.  Owner has a great aqua 1966 Fiat Jolly which if available, can be used for an additional fee.  Photos can be sent. Permits required for use of beach. Photo and Film friendly












































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on water


crown molding



marble tub


bay windows

kitchen island