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Location # 3257: The Springs (East Hampton 112 miles ), Long Island, NY, PREFERS PRINT, restrictions do apply...

Located in the historic district of The Springs in East Hampton.  Private 18 acre farm and preserve on Gardiner's Bay.  Great old barn on property available for use.  Please note barn is not heated.  There are several Yurts and an old ice house on the property available for exteriors unless special arrangements are made,


1    Barn is full of furniture till Memorial day weekend yearly ( to move is the responsibility of the Production company ) takes 2 people approx an hour to move and and an hour to move all back in

2    Motorhome mandatory, no bathrooms

3    No AC or heat

4    barn floor is now light blue not red (Sep 2012, back to blue, scouting mandatory), new shingles on recently, will soon weather

5    American flag shows is a prop not on the property

6   Exterior shooting easy to clear

7    If any interior of barn required- case by case clearing and expensive

8   No use of any main house interiors




Motorhome mandatory, no bathrooms

New Images as of July 2016




































Original Images

























  The metal structures below have been removed







Rocky Beach  











































































































wood shingled exterior



view of water





outside lamps