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Location # 3369 - Montclair, NJ


                    1.  15 miles from NYC

                    2.  Film Friendly

                    3.  Permits required for alls hoots, and need 5 business days in advance clearance (the responsibility of Producers)

                    4.  Restrictions do apply:  areas of use to be determined in advance, floors to be protected in advance, etc

                    5.  Amazing, grand home, 20,000 square ft, built in the 1890's, With unique architectural elements such as a grand entrance staircase, Mahogany Grecian columns, amazing kitchen (huge, and modem), double doors, mahogany wood molding, mahogany fireplaces throughout, high ceilings, grand size rooms, terracotta floor sun room, 2nd kitchen, tiled walls, great wallpapered rooms, more fireplaces, wainscoting, brick fire places, great furnishings, pedestal sinks, old style tub, claw foot tub, colored walls, huge launder space with rows of sinks, basement, tiled showers, amazing porch and grounds, stone walls, an estate that is a must see




















































































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brick exterior


hard wood floors

claw foot tub


pedestal sink

crown molding


wrought iron fence