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Location # 3822 - East Hampton, LI, NY, approx 110 miles from NYC, FILM FRIENDLY


1.  Expensive

2.  Restrictions do apply

3.  All floors to be protected

4.  Incredible modernist home built in 1962 in East Hampton.  Very private location with property all the way down to Accobonac Harbor.  Large property with separate studio/office building.  Though the property is waterfront, it can get marshy, so bring boots if you venture off the wooden path.  Film and photo friendly.  Can be booked for exterior only or interior and exterior. 

5    Very Important: Bring mosquito spray, and boots to be able to get thru the marsh, NO RV's (motorhome) permitted,

6    No staging in the main house, only in cottage



No Motorhomes Allowed. 

In summer season Motorhomes are a big issue and not permitted due to a neighbor.  In pre- summer season 1 day shoots may be permittted to park a motorhome properly and way from neighbor can be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Park on driveway only.  Even if grass looks rough on edges of driveway it is not available to park on at all. 

Street parking is available as legal. 


Cottage is small - approximately 1000 square feet

Cottage Must be Rented for Set Up instead of Motorhome.

Cottage Floor Must be Protected.  Ram board, runners, moving pads under any and all equipment etc.  Typical good job of protecting a home- this service can be done for you for a fee or you can do it on your own.

Tables tops and counters MUST be protected if using- there is 1 round mid-century modern white laminate top table and a few chairs (2-3).

Additional tables and chairs should be rented if needed.

1 Bathroom available in cottage for use.

Office area off cottage is NOT AVAILABLE and not part of cottage booking.

Electrical is available only for minor items such as for steamer, battery charging.  Lights are not allowed to be plugged in, always great to have a generator. 



No staging in Main House, for shooting only.

House must be protected.  Floors, surfaces.

There is art and sculpture in the home.  Please be careful.

Do not touch or move glass sculptures on built in shelf under main window.

Only owner or location manager can move art or furniture in house.

Furniture in home is original mid century and care must be taken. 


Please bring rubber boots- pathway to water depending on tides can be squishy.

For shots on wooden path toward water- check tide charts. 

Ideal to shoot at low tide.

Please bring bug spray if shooting during a buggy season

Glass pieces sculpture near main house is art.  Do not touch or shoot on please.

Services available for a fee include protection of the cottage and house.  House protection ram board and runners can be put down once shots are established and prior to people entering etc.  Equipment can be rented to include tables, chairs, ram board, rolling racks, steamer, coolers etc.












2 New pictures of water's edge from March 2015



Adirondack chair in several images below is no longer present. 






























No bedroom use / One bathroom








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on water

wood house





hard wood floors

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