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3826 - Quakertown, PA (Springtown), FILM FRIENDLY


1.  Approx 78 miles from NYC

2.  Restrictions do apply

3.  Use of animals additional fee (no riding of animals)










































Silo Entrance


Black Angus Cows Fall Coming


Geese at pond Horses in Fall


Horse Pasture Dressed for Winter Orchard in Winter




  Guest House


Guest House Guest House Lower Entrance


Silo Guest house and Studios Silo Guest Artists Residences


Silo Wellness Classes Weekly Pilates Classes


Silo Preview Performances Wild Lavender in Spring


1789 Bank Barn and Studio Art Exhibit in Barn


Bank Barn party set up Dinner in barn


Entrance to Guest House from Lower Level Guest House 2nd Floor


Guest House Dining Room Guest House Living Room


Living Room 2nd Floor Bedroom


Bedroom Guest House patio and deck


Silo Chapel Silo Classes and Events


Silo Dinner and Dance Series Pool












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stone exterior