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Location # 9004: E 95th Street Mansion


1    4 floors, 2 elevators, very FILM FRIENDLY , NO AIR CONDITIONING

2    top 2 floors are used as a hotel as well,

3    offers many different looks for shoots

4    some of the art is not moveable

5    CHAPEL has additional restrictions for shooting

5    movement of any furniture (including books) or artwork must be approved and discussed with the house manager prior to moving and all plugging in of equipment must be handled by the house super (this is an old building and has to be treated delicately...Thank you)


New Images as of October 2012

2nd floor library



















New Images as of October 2012
1st floor 















Original Images
2nd floor library  




entrance staircase on first floor



1st floor parlor room  



Ceiling detail parlor room


1st floor dining room




2nd floor library secret passage kitchen


Industrial kitchen 1st floor ( not for shoots unless specified and additional fee paid and available


hallway to kitchen 1st floor, old servants dining room


  2nd floor foyer






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built in bookshelves

medium wood

arched walls

arched doorways

circle windows

crown molding

parquet floors

textured ceiling

detailed ceiling


French doors

large kitchen



pedestal sink


multiple bathroom stalls