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9045: Glen Cove, NY, 30 miles from NYC, many restrictions apply, ie., a damage and overtime deposit is necessary and returned in 5 business days if no damage or overtime, can shoot only one room at a time, ground floor only, etc,  scouting is recommended,. ALL BOOKINGS Best MADE 1 WK IN ADVANCE


1        Interiors are not always available, rooms needed must be specified in advance...

2        A fee applies to scout property and needs advance notice, weekend scouting is not recommended

3        for more than 15 people, fee increases per person over 15 ( and only 12 inside the home at one time ), for exterior the same applies, fee increases for people over 15, and all children must be accompanied by an adult..

4        8am is the earliest for this location to begin..    

5        There are also animals to be rented if needed... will get images soon

6        Art and antiques may not be moved without the owners professional movers

7        May only shoot in one room at a time

8        No shoes in home (booties), no food or drinks permitted in the home at any time

9        Security deposits are mandatory, approx 10k (exteriors) - 20k (interior)  per day

10      Film is possible for this home

11      Very high insurance needed for this location and only from the State of NY, 20 million at least aggregate

12      All fees must be wired to owner 5 days prior to the shoot, no checks accepted

Important : Other homes on same property, different fees per home, 3532 3530 3318 3319

Samples of what this great property has  







Images as of June 2014  











Original Images  







New Images as of December 2008  





































































































































Shot May 2013 by Rufus Wyer  













Original Images  




















stables are additional fee for use  




Original Images  
















































We have dogs we save here and can be used for shoots.





  Photo Shoot on Private Beach of WH




Little Sal (small addlt apt that can be rented)










Additional fees apply for use of stables or horses  































































































French doors

walk way outside




crown molding



marble room

arched doorways

arched hallway


checkered floors


study room


built in bookshelves


marble bathroom


arched windows