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Location #   9134 - 5th Ave, NYC


1                     Film and event friendly

2                     Amazing historical venue on 5th Avenue, facing  Central Park, is now available for shoots

3                     Restrictions do apply: areas of use to be determined in advance, expensive, dress code, etc. This space is open to the public fron 9am to 1am (usuually not too many people and this has never been a propblem for shoots before)

4                    Facing Central Park, this building is heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance.  This historic manor is the work of architects Alexander Walter and Léon Gillette, who conceived this five-story residence in 1926 for the rich financier, Charles E. Mitchell. Its grandiose style was inspired by the early 20th century Decorative Arts. Inside, a large spiral staircase composed of a trompe-l’oeil marble leads the guests all the way to the second floor, the piano nobile. The staircase leads to the Salon Cheminée, whose high ceiling gives it volume. This room is also inspired by the Renaissance, featuring a polychrome marble floor, smooth-shafted columns in trompe l’oeil veined marble and pilasters topped with Corinthian-style capital. The Salon Cheminée opens to the left onto the Salon Chapelle, with its magnificent arched ceiling and its parquet à la française. It owes its name to its complex vaulting and polygonal shape, which recall thechevet of a church. On the wall, Verdure, a largescale 18th century tapestry from Brussels, conveys a forest mood in tones of dark green. On the other side, the Salon Rose is lit by three wide French windows with round arches offering a stunning view of Central Park and its greenery. The natural lighting is amplified by a splendid Louis XV bronze and crystal Baccarat chandelier with fifty-six lights. A remarkable polychrome-coffered wooden ceiling covers the entire room, representing various ancient Greco-Roman mythological figures such as nymphs, goddesses and centaurs. The Salon Rose contains some of the most prestigious artwork, including a sumptuous Gobelins tapestry from the 18th century.

5                    The white leather couch in the Salon Chiminee is slightly worn, and the pink couch in the Salon Chapel is also worn a bit. The TV can be moved to the side, but is very heavy. There is a service freight elevator, and genorators might be required.

6                     No Weekend shoots, hours for shooting 9am - 6pm (hours outside of those additional fees)     


The Salons

Dimensions: 40 ft long x 26.6 ft wide
Height: 16.4 ft
Surface:1065.6 ft
- Cocktail: 150 guests
- Dinner: 80 guests
- Conference: 120 guests

Style: Italian Renaissance with wooden carved panels and large period mirrors, a Baccarat crystal chandelier, box beam ceiling, Gobelins tapestry from the 18th Century, Italian-School painting from the 17th Century, parquet à la française, “French windows” with a view upon Central Park. The Consulate provides its own in-style furniture adapted to our salons.

The Salon Rose is ideal for breakfasts, lunch, cocktails, conferences, Gala dinners, fashion shows or product-line launching. Together with the Cheminée and Chapelle Salons, the reception salons at the Consulate may host up to 250 guests. [Our Maître d’ will accompany you at every moment, constantly caring for your comfort and that of your guests.]




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  Kitchen needs special clearance to use 







The Salon Rose




The Salon Cheminee


The Salon Chapel








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