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8257- Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY


1                     film friendly studio

2              1,600 sq ft loft in a turn-of-the-century warehouse in the heart of Dumbo, Brooklyn.

3              It features a 13' ceiling with exposed beams, brick walls, hardwood floors, enormous arched windows, a 19th century wrought iron spiral staircase and a 150 sq ft stage.

4              It comes lovingly decorated with antiques and vintage novelty items. Amenities include a full kitchen, leather furniture, theatrical lighting, early 20th century piano, club quality DJ and live music sound system, freight elevator access, WiFi and more.

5              Hosts special events. Its open floorplan and stage make it a natural fit for parties, performances, art openings, screenings, salons and more. Decor, talent booking, hospitality and bar management services are also available.

6              classic charm of a brick-and-timber artist loft. The built-in stage and soundsystem make music video shoots easy. The spiral staircase, arched windows and eclectic decor provide stylish backdrops for fashion and portrait photography.























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oval window

hard wood floors


spiral staircase


exposed brick