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Locaiton # 7005: W 24th Street, NYC


1    Film friendly

2    4500 sq ft total, bright main shooting area with southern and western exposures, white oak wood floors approximately 3000 sq. ft., French doors lead into a 350 sq ft bathroom with free standing shower, tub and two large west windows, kitchen offers beech wood cabinets and professional stainless steel appliances,

3    freight elevator opens 8am (closes for lunch) and open till 445pm, hours of use outside of these hours will incurr a fee to be paid in cash day of shoot

4    The bed is a prop and need to be requested in advance, so is the tub      (props do change so scouting is mandatory please)


Bathroom is getting revamped soon as well (note as of FEB 2014), props change constantly , scout is mandatory



New Images as of Feb 2014












Images as of September 2010, very old, changes have been made, just to be used as referance for size of loft, scout is mandatory

some rugs have been changed as well









old bathroom shots has been redone FEB 2014

just here so can see view of how bathroom opens into loft
















































Back to top















































































crown molding

pedestal sink

claw foot tub


tiled bathroom

French doors

distressed wood

tall windows

wood floors

white floors

arched doorway






























































Dec 2008 , space is now more open, wall take down, new images soon, red room is no longer there

old do not use at all








old images, the red room is gone and the room is now all open, newer images soon




new images nov 2005