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Location# 7110 - Midtown, NY


1              Film friendly,

2              This large event space accommodates 200 for cocktails and features a retractable awning on the north and southeast side, state of the art multi-zoned Opus Audio Technologies sound system compatible with iPod & Laptop, microphone & stand available upon request, fully equipped kitche, gorgeous dimmable lighting on the wall of the Terrace, wrought iron staircase and railing, staircase with sky light, landscaped Terrac, space heaters available upon request, mahogany decking on Terrace, buffet tables available, 2 Restrooms, up-lights and drapery as well as illuminated lounge furniture, Interior space available with copper windows, mahogany wood floor, antique copper lights, leather couches, ottomans, red carpet for lobby, a bar and a fireplace, fantastic view of the Empire State Building and Marble Collegiate Church and more.

3           Close and easy access to mass transit and parking facilities

4           24-hour secured building with doorman

5          An event manager will be appointed to assist you

6          Several up-scale hotels and restaurants within walking distance







New Roof as of April 2013































New Roof as of April 2013




















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view of city

rooftop deck